Welcome to India's 1st Hemp Cafe

Welcome to India's 1st Hemp Cafe

About Our Hemp Coffee Shop

Why Hemp ?

Well, we believe in pushing boundaries with innovation. Hemp isn’t just a trend for us, It’s a versatile plant that has been utilized for millennia for a variety of uses. At Offlimits, we’ve carefully developed a menu that highlights the benefits of hemp. Our hemp-infused foods not only satisfy your taste senses but also provide a slew of health advantages. But that’s not all—hemp is also environmentally benign and sustainable. It uses less water and does not rely on toxic pesticides or herbicides. By introducing hemp into our menu, we are not just serving delicious food; we’re also contributing to a greener and healthier planet.

Our Story

Offlimits Coffee was born from a visit to Kasol,where the founders, Mr.Omair J Alam and Mr.Mayank Gupta, realized the lack of good coffee and sustainable luxury.They had a vision to develop a society that could accept and use hemp as one of the consumable items on a daily basis in the beginning of the 2020s, which is when the chapter of Offlimits was first published. 

We believe in coffee’s ability to inspire genuine optimism and joy. From your very first sip things magically get better; conversations flow freely, grand ideas flourish and new connections feel like old friends. 

Our team of skilled and passionate baristas ensures that each cup of your coffee is a harmonious balance of flavors, achieved through precise brewing methods and a commitment to excellence


So, here’s to the wonder of coffee, the happiness it serves, and the extraordinary experiences it sparks. Let’s raise our cups to the everyday magic that is Offlimits Coffee!

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Alpine Guest House, Vpo, Kasol, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh 175105


V5P3+MH, Parla Bhuntar, Shillihar, Himachal Pradesh 175125


Clubhouse Rd, near Mall Road, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131

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